Academy Day

A day in the life of a Year 7 student at Q3 Academy Great Barr!

Wakey wakey, it's time to get up to start your exciting day!

An example of a day in the life of a Year 7 student (based on the Academy's normal day and timetable when not operating under COVID-19 restrictions).


I arrive a little earlier than I start because this gives me time to catch up with my friends in the Quisine whilst enjoying free breakfast!


I have Tutor Time which is a great time to catch up with my Personal Tutor, be informed of any important notices or world events, and share any worries or concerns that I might have.


Lesson 1, today I have English first lesson which is on Learning Level 3 of the building and we're studying about persuasive writing this term which means I have the chance to show off my fantastic writing skills in telling you all about how much I love Q3 Academy Great Barr.


Lesson 2 is maths. I didn't think that I was very good at maths when I was at primary school, but we're working on numerical operations and number properties at the moment, and it's amazing how much of it links in to the work I did at primary school, and I've realised that I'm actually pretty good at it!


Morning break is definitely time for a snack to keep me going, but also to play a bit of basketball with my friends.


Lesson 3, today I have science which is my favourite. I was really into a project that we did on space at my primary school, and we're looking at this now, but in even more detail - it's fascinating!


Lesson 4 is French, c'est utile...hein ? I didn't realise that after English, French is the official language of more countries around the world than any other! It's an official language in 29 countries and spoken by many others unofficially. I can't wait to go on the trip to France next year, everyone in the year above me has told me how amazing it is!


Lunch time means not only getting a delicious hot cooked meal from a great menu selection that's different every day in Quisine, but...more basketball, or sometimes football!


The last lesson of my day is History, and I'm absolutely mesmerised by the power and control of the church during the Norman times; the impact of the Normans on England is the first topic that we're studying and I'm blown away by how different England used to be!


Back to Tutor Time to finish off my day telling my Personal Tutor about all the incredible things I've learnt today and reflect on my achievements - it's been a busy one, but I've had the BEST time!


It's not quite over yet, I told you I was the world's biggest fan of basketball, so I'm staying for basketball practice with my mates, we're hoping to set up a team - could you be our next player?