The wellbeing, welfare, and safety of our students is paramount!

Personal Tutor

We recognise the importance of a key adult to recognise patterns and changes in children to help identify when something might not be quite right which is why every student that attends Q3 Academy Great Barr is allocated to a Personal Tutor who will see their tutees first thing every morning, and last thing every day. Your child's Personal Tutor is the first point of call at the Academy for both parents/carers and students.

Head of Year

In addition to your child's Personal Tutor, the Year Team is then overseen by a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year who may intervene if something doesn't seem quite right to ensure that the right support can be put in place.

Director of Key Stage

Each Key Stage in the Academy is overseen by a member of the Senior Leadership Team who carefully monitors the students as they progress from year to year within the Key Stage, keeping an eye on the bigger picture, and supporting with the transition from primary school to the Academy, and then from Key Stage to Key Stage.

SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Ms Chamberlain (SENCo), Ms Merchant (Assistant SENCo), and their team will liaise with students who have identified additional needs and disabilities and their parents/carers to ensure appropriate additional support is in place.

Family Welfare Champion

Ms Kudryl is our Family Welfare Champion who works tirelessly with families who may want a bit more support ahead of their child joining the Academy (and once they've joined us), she can also establish links with external agencies to support families around the student.

Safeguarding Team

Every single member of staff in our Academy is trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding, and we have a large, well-experienced team of staff led by Ms Callaghan (Vice Principal) who will deal with any concerns swiftly and effectively to ensure we keep everyone as safe as we possibly can!